Beyond Revolution has moved to The reason for this is to fight anarchist in-fighting as well as to acknowledge that though the current global uprisings may be anarchist in nature or that they may be very anarchistic, Most of the elements that have come together to make these movement(s) what they are do not identify as anarchist. In short, this global movement we are seeing today is one of a natural, instinctual character and as so it hopefully will avoid the sectarianism and dogma of any single ideology. The new version of the site, I hope shall demonstrate this. Another reason for moving away from the word ‘anarchism’ as opposed to moving away from its core principles is to avoid unjustified preconceptions of what anarchy means and as such gain an even wider audience. It is my opinion that regardless of what we call this push towards liberty it is that push that is important and not the label(s) attributed to it.