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Beyond Revolution has moved to Beyondrevolution.wordpress.com. The reason for this is to fight anarchist in-fighting as well as to acknowledge that though the current global uprisings may be anarchist in nature or that they may be very anarchistic, Most of the elements that have come together to make these movement(s) what they are do not identify as anarchist. In short, this global movement we are seeing today is one of a natural, instinctual character and as so it hopefully will avoid the sectarianism and dogma of any single ideology. The new version of the site, I hope shall demonstrate this. Another reason for moving away from the word ‘anarchism’ as opposed to moving away from its core principles is to avoid unjustified preconceptions of what anarchy means and as such gain an even wider audience. It is my opinion that regardless of what we call this push towards liberty it is that push that is important and not the label(s) attributed to it.



Note: This is a very rough draft at the moment. Please feel free to leave comments and/or critiques.

The necessity of diversity
By Nathan Revercomb

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”- Siddhartha Gautama

A lack of diversity is an open invitation to the establishment of dogma and beckons the onset of stagnation. Just as no two minds can ever be identical, there can be no relevant universal blanket solutions to fit each individual problem society faces. While it is impossible to truly find a common point of view on what can or should be done to address such issues in a universal manner or otherwise, a lack of common conceptions and solutions is not a weakness but instead a great strength.

While conceptions originating from a single mind can serve almost perfectly to satisfy the problems of a minority of one, they almost always fail to satisfy the needs and desires of the entirety or even the majority of his or her community. They fail to be relevant to the whole when they are conceived by such a minority and such solutions almost always tend to be one-size-fits-all in nature because of such.

By integrating the views of all who wish to participate, the resulting solutions are better defined and developed as a result while simultaneously become more relevant. Such action takes the personal relevancy created by individual thought processes and multiplies and builds upon that to incorporate the individual opinions and ideas of the collective mind of the community.

In the anarchist movement as in most libertarian ideologies, there is the unfortunate tendency to keep staunchly to a preconceived set of ideas and principles set forth by those long dead. Such a tendency stifles or even halts development in the effort to stay true to the ideas of the great revolutionaries of the past and as a result creates a rigidness that minimizes and limits our success and the freedom of our thoughts. All to stay true to concepts and ideas that were arrived at based on the environments that those past thinkers were immersed in or due to social, technological, political, natural and personal factors that may in many cases not apply to the individual revolutionary or even society as a whole today. Additionally, they may also fail to hold the same weight today as they did in the past. Such clinging to ideas based on the past do not adequately take into account the relevancy of the ever faster pace of the development of civilization either technologically, politically or socially nor can they aid in the development or advancement of our theories and actions when confronted with new problems that did not exist previously.

One of the greatest appeals of anarchism to me is the ability to quickly adapt and think outside of the box but holding onto the ideas of past anarchists and previously conceived anarchist theories  is in my opinion nothing more than the advocacy of dogma which inevitably hinders our movement and confines us to boxes created by minds that are not our own.
Though such dogmatism is not entirely our fault, as much of it is based on the conditioning we have received at the hands of the master class, it is our responsibility to break such ties if we ever hope to truly emancipate ourselves from them.

Right now, there is an antiquated, binary thought process within the individuals of human society which artificially creates a rift between the revolutionary satisfaction of  the personal sovereignty of the individual and the collective liberty of humanity as a whole. This rift in concept and philosophies, serves no beneficial purpose in achieving our goals and in fact is far more of an obstacle on the road to establishing genuine freedom than anything the ruling class could ever institute on its own.

We need to simultaneously take into account the needs and desires of the individual’s personal freedoms though while working towards this goal in an isolationist and egoist manner is counter productive at best. This is due to the fact the humans are indeed a social species and civilization (which the vast majority of the human race is loathe to abandon) is a social construction based on profound and complex social interactions that cannot be neglected or ignored. Nor can such limited and narrow-minded “individualist” conceptions ever free either an individual or serve mankind in any real sense. By attempting to solely cultivate the liberty of the individual divorced from society at large, we would be denying ourselves the social input and interaction we require for health of mind, while simultaneously and selfishly putting ourselves above everything else. The result of which can only be disastrous for both the individual and society.

Thus it is imperative to cultivate empowering and emancipatory concepts and actions on both the personal level and the collective one as well. The two in my opinion are in fact indivisible if any real achievement is to be had and are in fact symbiotic in their relations.

This is because one cannot truly enjoy freedom while the rest of our brothers and sisters suffer the chains of oppression or at least it is impossible to sustain such freedom for more than a fleeting moment. At best the individual would be conditioned by their peers into a prison like mindset of thought and at worst they would be forced back into the chains created by the masters or the mechanisms of archical domination.

Though it is just as true that liberty, either individually or collectively, can never be achieved by selflessly serving society without any hope of an individual freedom of one’s own. There is so much truth in the notion that one cannot love or help others when they themselves cannot love or help themselves. However, to attain the highest degree of both, it is my opinion that simultaneously working towards both ends is the most efficient way to achieve such results. In anarchism this is called mutual aid and is combined with voluntary and free association to keep the sovereignty of the individual divorced from the domination of the whole of the group. By cultivating and developing such actions we can create a life of personal benefit by mutually beneficiary means.

Today, much of the conflict and in-fighting that plagues would-be revolutionaries and freedom fighters and their causes stems from a lack of agreement not on the goals of such endeavors which is liberation of humanity but on the concepts and tactics upon which such freedom can or should be achieved. It is flawed, and backwards thinking to squabble over such petty things and to believe that any one single philosophy can ever truly be correct or that any one ideal can serve us all.